Class timetable

Please see the timetable below for classes currently available:

Monday – Westwood Social Club in Tilehurst

 Class  Age  Time
Baby Ballet 2 1/2 – Beginners 3.45-4.15pm
Pre-primary Ballet 5 years plus 4.15-4.45pm
Primary Tap  5 years plus 4.45-5.15pm
Primary Ballet 5.15-5.45pm
Grade 2 Tap 5.45-6.25pm
Grade 6 Tap  Private Lesson 6.25-6.55pm
Grade 3 Tap 6.55-7.35pm
Grade 4 Tap 7.35-8.15pm
Grade 5 Tap 8.15-8.55pm
Adult Tap 8.55-9.40pm


Tuesday – Spencer’s Wood Village Hall

Class Age Time
Baby Ballet 2 1/2 – 5 yrs 4.00-4.30pm
Baby Tap 4.30-4.45pm
Pre-Primary Ballet 5+ yrs 4.45-5.15pm
Grade 3 Modern 5.15-5.45pm
Musical Theatre 5.45-6.15pm
Grade 3 Tap 6.15-6.45pm
Grade 5 Modern 6.45-7.30pm
Grade 4 Ballet 7.30-8.15pm
Adult Tap 8.15-9.00pm

Wednesday – Denefield Dance Studio, Denefield School, Tilehurst

 Class  Age  Time
Primary Ballet 4.00-4.30pm
Grade 2 Modern (new class) 4.30-5.00pm*
Grade 1 Ballet 5.00-5.30pm
Grade 2 Modern October exam class 5.30-6.00pm
Grade 2 Ballet 6.00-6.40pm
Grade 4 Ballet (new class) 6.40-7.20pm
Grade 4 Modern 7.20-8.00pm
Grade 4 Ballet October exam class 8.00-8.40pm

Thursday – Spencers Wood Village Hall

Class  Time
Primary Tap  4.00-4.30pm
Primary Ballet  4.30-5.00pm
Grade 1 Ballet  5.00-5.30pm
Grade 1 Tap  5.30-6.00pm
Grade 2 Ballet  6.00-6.30pm
Grade 2 Tap  6.30-7.00pm
Grade 3 Ballet  7.00-7.30pm
Grade 4 Tap  7.30-8.00pm

Friday – The Cornwell Centre, Tilehurst

Class  Time
Private lesson  3.30-4.00pm
Pre-Primary Ballet  4.00-4.30pm
Grade 1 Modern  4.30-5.00pm
Grade 1 Tap  5.00-5.30pm
Musical Theatre  5.30-6.00pm
Pointe Work  6.00-6.30pm
Grade 6 Ballet  6.30-7.15pm
Intermediate Modern  7.15-8.00pm

Saturday – The Cornwell Centre, Tilehurst

Class  Age  Time
Baby Ballet 2 1/2 years plus 9.00-9.30am
Pre-Primary Ballet 5 years plus 9.30-10.00am
Street Dance 4-7 Years plus 10.00-10.30am
Street Dance 8 Years plus 10.30-11.00am


*Classes marked with an asterisk are currently fully booked for Summer 2019- please contact me to be added to the waiting list*