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Frequently Asked Questions

When can my 2 ½ year old start ballet?

All our Baby ballet children have to be fully potty trained, dry and out of nappies before attending a free taster class.

Do I have to pay for a taster session?

No. Every student at Dance Sensation is entitled to a free taster class before enrolling into the school.

Can we watch the first free taster class?

Yes, providing there are no covid restrictions. What we currently do is leave the main door open so you can stay and watch from outside to see how your child settles into class.

Is there a waiting room?

Due to covid we are currently unable to have parents waiting in the waiting area. Once we are able to operate in a covid free environment, then we will be able to open up our waiting rooms again in the near future.

It's not ideal but for the past year parents have been waiting in cars or outside while their child’s class takes place.

What should my child wear on her first taster class?

For Baby ballet/ Primary ballet girls can wear a dress/ skirt and soft pumps or trainers. Boys can wear shorts/ t-shirt and trainer’s.

Grade 1 onwards girls may wear leggings/ t-shirt, soft pumps, Boys may wear shorts/ t-shirt and trainers.

For Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre, Contemporary or Street dance please can children wear a track-suit or leggings/ t-shirt and trainers or soft pumps.

For Tap dance please can your child wear hard wearing school shoes.

What should I wear for Adult Tap?

For this class, please wear something that you can easily move in, track-suit/ leggings or sportswear. Hard wearing shoes for footwear.

Do I have to buy all the uniform at once?

No, you can buy the uniform gradually but please contact Dancia in Caversham to purchase uniform.

There's more information on our uniform page.

Can I purchase shoes from any shop?

No, it’s important that your child’s shoes are fitted correctly at Dancia who have a wealth of expertise.

Are fees refunded for lessons missed?

No lessons are not refunded for holidays or absence. Fees are paid termly at the beginning of every term.

How much is a term?

Depending on how many weeks are in the term, fees are paid termly i.e., a 12-week term of ½ hour ballet would amount to £54.

Is there an enrolment fee?

Yes, there is a non-refundable joining fee of £15 per child when enrolling into the school. This is for children’s classes only.

Can we watch our child?

Twice a year in July and December, I invite parents to watch the last lesson of term. Parents are then able to see what each student has learnt in class and see the progress their child has made. For older students this is once a year in July.

Do the children have the opportunity to perform?

Yes we have our yearly dance shows and have in the past taken part in summer fetes and performances.
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